Singapore Lightings Online

Here are Singapore Lightings Online, we install and replace different types of lightings in both residential and commercial areas in Singapore.

We specialize in helping our clients choose the perfect lightings for their living room, bedroom, bathroom that not only complements their interiors, but also comes with several useful features.

Why Choose Us

Trusted and Experienced Installers

Having worked with several residential and commercial spaces in Singapore, our installers are well-equipped with the necessary skills needed for professional lightings installation and replacement.

As a trusted lighting installer in Singapore, we pride ourselves with our range of past lightings projects and satisfied clients.

High-Quality Workmanship

With our high-quality workmanship, be assured to receive only the best service both from our lighting supplier and installers. Our budget-friendly prices come durable, long-lasting lightings for every room.

Additionally, we also offer a wide range of lighting brands carrying a plethora of models to suit every’s place needs – whether you require a led lights, light bulb, ceiling lights, track lighting, cove lighting, and etc, we’ve got them all for you!

Reliable Customer Support

While reading lightings-related articles will help you decide on the type of lightings to install, it is also important to talk to professionals to find out more about the technical details involved in the installation. But don’t fret, as our friendly customer service staff are trained to guide you in choosing the most suitable lightings for you. That’s not all – you can also reach us via a number of ways! To enquire, call us at +65 6232 6605, WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032, or email us at

Our Guarantee

We are dedicated to providing premium services done by our team of highly experienced installers. With proper planning, we ensure that proper measurements are conducted before we install a new lighting / LED lights or replace your old one. Assessing such requirements will guarantee a flawless installation and a long-term solution for any of your lighting needs.

As the leading Singapore Lightings Online installation company, we also provide other electrical-related services needed for electrical installations.

At Singapore Lightings Online, we offer trusted and high-quality lighting installation services all over Singapore. Contact us now to enquire about our services!

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