Light Installation & Replacement

Issues like light blinking are definitely not easy to deal with. Undoubtedly, this issue will lead to potentially embarrassing situations especially when you have visitors in your home.

As minor light blinking can turn into a more damaging problem, it is important to ensure that proper electrician work installation is done to prevent such issues. Otherwise, if the problem still persists, don’t hesitate to call a professional electrician and light installation company to do a light replacement.

Not sure whether you need to replace your toilet bowl? Take a look at some factors below:

Signs You Need a Light Installation / Replacement

Having invested a good amount of money and effort into maintaining your home, it is only right that you check your plumbing systems to ensure that they are functioning properly. Like any other household appliance, plumbing systems such as those found in toilet bowls should also be regularly checked in order to avoid any problems that may require costly repairs. You should never wait too long before you decide to replace it. However, there are situations where you a toilet installation or replacement needs to be done in order to prevent plumbing issues. Let us guide you through the different signs indicating that you need a toilet bowl installation:

  • Your toilet bowl is clogging regularly

Dealing with a clogged toilet can be a pretty daunting task. There are several reasons behind a toilet choke. It may be caused by improper toilet bowl installation or in some cases, when a toilet bowl of poor quality is installed. If toilet chokes become a recurring issue, this indicates that it is probably time for you to replace it with a new one as soon as possible. Further delays can cause more clogging and other issues caused by harmful bacteria.

  • Your toilet bowl constantly needs repairs

Your toilet bowl should not need to be repaired constantly. If you find yourself engaging in the services of a plumber or a toilet repair expert regularly, it might be another sign that you need to do a toilet bowl replacement. While you might be tempted to get your toilet bowl repaired, most professionals advise homeowners to do a toilet bowl installation / replacement as it is a more economical solution compared to constantly having to do repairs.

  • Your toilet bowl has many cracks

Eventually, old toilets will start to crack after a few years of usage. While one or two small cracks may not bother most homeowners, it is important to remember they can lead to potentially dangerous problems. Not only will they ruin the overall aesthetics of your bathroom, but it can also lead to water leaks that attract mold and mildew. Get a trusted toilet bowl installation Singapore company to inspect your toilet bowl to ensure that it is in good working condition.

  • Your toilet bowl is wobbling

While you may think that you’ll just need a regular plumber to tighten some loose screws when your toilet bowl is wobbling, it may be a serious sign that you need a toilet bowl replacement. Not doing so increases the chances of it eventually breaking and falling apart when in use. Such issues often occur in old HDB flats where older toilet bowl models have been installed.

  • Your flushing system uses too much water when in use

If you haven’t already heard, toilet bowls in Singapore are given a rating by the PUB Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme to guide consumers on choosing the most water efficient toilet bowl.

What’s a water efficient toilet, you may ask? They are toilet bowls that use only a small amount of water when flushed. Toilet bowls that require more water for flushing are usually not economically recommended as they contribute to higher water bills in the long run.

What Contributes to Toilet Bowl Cost?

Toilet bowl installation prices usually differ based on the model to be installed. Be sure to do your research first before choosing a certain toilet brand and model. Additionally, remember to work with a reputable toilet bowl installer to ensure that toilet bowls to be installed are of good quality and that the installation service is done professionally.

Toilet Bowl Installation Process

Doing a toilet bowl installation or replacement soon? Make sure that your toilet bowl installer conducts the following steps when doing the installation.

  1. Remove the old toilet carefully
  2. Get the measurements between the wall and the drainage
  3. Check whether your plumbing system requires a p-trap toilet bowl or an s-trap toilet bowl
  4. Purchase a suitable type of toilet bowl – toilet bowls can be either wall-mounted or floor mounted, they also come in either as a 1-piece toilet or a 2-piece toilet.
  5. Ensure that the measurements done in your bathroom tally with the measurements of your new toilet bowl.
  6. Install the new toilet bowl.

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